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Below are Testimonials and pictures of Miniature Schnauzer puppies with their new families.


Trevor 1st snow.jpg (61293 bytes)

Look at Trevor - isn't he a beauty!
  He lives with the Huffman family in Virginia.   I'm sure the snow was quite a shock after living in Texas !

wpe2.jpg (18117 bytes)


These beauties belong to Donna Young and Family who reside right here in good old Huffman, TX.  Collin is a pup from one of my very first litters.  I've been raising Mini Schnauzers for many years, so he's an Old Gent.  He moved from Houston to Alaska, and then back to Huffman, and believe it or not, lives right in my neighborhood.  What a small world!  The little one is a Peaches and Austin pup, called Bosco.  Donna says "We are again enjoying the love of another one of your Schnauzers.  Bosco is doing great.  He and Collin get along so well.  Here is a cute picture I took of the two.




This is Stormy (silver) and Sky (s/p).  They live with the Hovelands in the Woodlands, TX.  Stormy is from a Sky/Austin mating a few years ago, and Sky is a puppy from Lexie and Austin.  Karen wrote to me: I thought you would like to see our little girl all grown up.  Sky will be 6 mos old at the end of July and has turned into a real beauty.  We decided to leave her ears natural and she is just gorgeous. 

Sky was very easy to house break.  Someone I met recently told me about a bell that she used which hung on the back door to house break her dog.  I was very skeptical that this would work, but I bought one anyway and tried it.  Within two weeks Sky learned how to ring the bell with her nose when she needed to go outside.  She has not had an accident in the house since mastering that trick.  Thank you for breeding such intelligent pups.


This is Arnold and Jessie - they live with the Matakas family in Missouri City, TX.  They chose to leave their tails natural - isn't it great?  I think they're just beautiful in all their natural glory.  Their family says "the guys are a riot to be around - smart, well behaved, and full of fun.  Their tails always give away to their thoughts. 
Signed, The Matakas', and of course, the Governors - Arnold and Jessie


This is Annie, and she lives with the Miller family in Scurry, Texas.  She is a Paris/Hot Rod puppy.  This is what her human parents had to say about her "I just wanted to send some very cute pictures of our precious "Annie"...  She is too much fun.
She has lots of room to run and currently loves to play in the leaves.   Annie loves her toys - the toy basket is empty and the laundry
basket...She is way to funny to watch drag laundry out of the basket on piece at a time,  She will
put her paws on the edge for leverage and pull and then run like crazy till she steps on what she has and get a better grip and takes off again.
She will empty the basket unless we stop her... LOL.   She is one tract minded...If she
has her mind set then you mine as well let her finish what ever she is up to because she does not hear a word you are saying. LOL



These are Peaches and Josie's baby girls.  Below is what their mama, Wendy, had to say:

"Here is a picture of Molly and Maddie - back from the groomers and looking very pretty - as you can see they take being Schnauzers as a very serious business!!  They play really well together and right now are vying for the "alpha" dog position!!  Not really, but little Maddie can hold her own ground with Molly.  As you can see she is a small one -she's about 12 pounds and Molly is just about 20 pounds - she does love her food and if can sneak it, she'll eat Maddie's food if we are not watching her very closely.  They are a real joy to have around, although they are very protective of their territory (the house).  Molly is about 2 1/2 years in this picture and Molly about  1 1/2 years.  Hope you like the picture of our two little girls - as I fondly refer them to as "the girls". 


Trevor standing.jpg (59784 bytes)

Trevor.jpg (46097 bytes)

Tervor with paw up.jpg (43417 bytes)

Trevor growing up 2.jpg (84741 bytes)

This is one of Josie and Lance's baby boys -  also named Trevor.  He lives with Jen Brown and family in Rhode Island.  Jen says he loves the snow !


Sassy pics 019 ~1.jpg (96868 bytes)

This is Sassy - she is a Josie and Lance pup (all grown up) - she lives with Kathleen Rager in Jackson, Alabama.

Sassy pics 024 ~2.jpg (127506 bytes)


This is Marko.  His Dad is Ron, and he thinks Marko is the greatest.  Here's what he had to say "I thought I’d drop a quick note give you a great update on the little guy.  My girls named him “Marko” and he is doing great!  I guess if we ever get another we’ll have to name him/her “Polo”. He passed the Vet visit Monday with flying colors, and we are really enjoying this new family member.  He never fusses at night, even from the first night.  I put the crate next to my bed and he just sleeps like a champ when he is in there.  His socialization is just fantastic, and his temperament is wonderful.  The most amazing thing is his incredible intelligence.  In just four and a half days he already knows the following words/commands:

1.   Marko (his name)
3.  Wait
4.  Okay
5.  Come
6.  Kibbles
7.  Let's Go
8.  Outside (he already rings the bell hanging near the door with his nose!)
9.  Go Potty

Thanks so much for enabling this great experience for our family.



This is Louis.  His new family wrote to me:  Dear Melissa, I just wanted to send you a couple of photos of our Louis at age one year. He's a pup from Jazz and Lance in the May 2006 litter. We brought him home just about a year ago and he is truly a delight. He's the most laid-back Schnauzer we've ever had and is very sweet-tempered. He's been to three obedience classes and he's doing very well. I hate to brag, of course, but he's the "star" of the class. He's so attentive and loves to work. He has a crate full of toys, loves to play with each one, and knows the names of most of them.  He walks about 2 and 1/2 miles with me every morning. He gets along well with other dogs and goes out of his way to greet everyone and every dog when he goes to the dog park. I look forward to a lot more years of joy with him! Thanks so much!


Vogeler girls.jpg (58222 bytes)

These are Sable & Hot Rod's girls - Gracie and Violet, and they live with the Vogeler family in Plano, TX, who wrote to me:

I thought you would like to see how beautiful your "babies" turned out.   They are such a joy to us and each other. Violet is our sweet lap dog, but don't be fooled - she can take care of herself.  Gracie is very loving, but prefers to lay either with her sister, or by herself.  She loves to play fetch and be pulled around on the floor on her back as she grabs onto her toy snake.  We love our girls so much!   


Bindi Sue 00.jpg (101362 bytes)

This is Bindi Sue - she lives with the Petersons on their ranch in Blanket, TX.  Here's what they had to say their first day with her:
She is just PERFECT!  Took her to Dr. Young this morning, and he fell in love with her, too, along with his entire staff.  Bindi seems to love people, so very happy about that, a good trait to have!  I love everything about her personality - she's lovable and SMART. I really expected to be up more with her, but she is just being so good in her crate.  We just love her!

Bindi Sue 001.jpg (53229 bytes)


Shylee.jpg (40263 bytes)

I just wanted to tell you how happy our family is with our mini schnauzer puppy, who we named Shylee. She is such a happy dog, and she is already spoiled. She is a very fast learner, and we all enjoy playing with her. She has already learned how to sit and stay. She quickly learned how to swim and climb the stairs, but we're still working on coming down. She can catch the ball and bring it back to us, too. She has two friends in our neighborhood; one is Wish, the 7-year-old mini schnauzer, and Peaches, the 15-year-old cat. She especially likes to play with Peaches' tail. I can go brag about our little puppy on and on and on, but most of all, I just wanted to thank you for breeding good puppies.

Shylee 2.jpg (38297 bytes)


Scout (Schrutka family).jpg (67780 bytes)

This is Scout, and he lives with the Schrutka family in The Woodlands, TX.  This is what they had to say:
His full name is Lone Star Scout Man About Town.  We came up with the name because I would call him Scout Man and my husband would call him Scout About.  He is a great puppy - lots and lots of fun.  I took him to the pet store yesterday and he was a hit.  Everyone stopped me to tell me how cute he was - one lady told me he was the prettiest Schnauzer she had ever seen!

Scout & Schruta family.jpg (46694 bytes)


Jolie and family 2.jpg (19475 bytes)

Look at Jolie and her beautiful Schnauzer family - they live with Wally and Jenny Richardson of El Dorado Hills, California.

Jolie and family.jpg (44837 bytes)


Lucy.jpg (55996 bytes)

Introducing "Lone Star Miss Lucy Tater Tot".  We just thought we would send some pictures of "Lucy".  She has settled in rather comfortably here since we brought her home.  She is FULL of personality and has learned to bark and growl fairly quickly.  She had pretty much potty trained herself and was fetching a ball within a few days!!  She has her first visit to the vet and passed with flying colors.  Thanks so much for this wonderful addition to our family, she is truly a bundle of joy.  We will keep you posted on her progress…..!!

Lucy 2.jpg (87872 bytes)


Boogie 2.JPG (106728 bytes)


Just wanted to send you a picture of Buddy at six months.  He is too cute and quite the personality. He loves to use his paws.  Many times he will reach out a touch you with is paw to get you attention or the say "don't stop" when you quit petting him.  He will also lay down and hide his face under his paw and peek out at you when he is playing.We love him so much we may even get him a friend one day, so keep us posted on any future litters that may have a special one like Buddy.

Boogie 6.JPG (107138 bytes)


Aspen and Kira.jpg (34941 bytes)

The pictures to the left and right are Aspen (Peaches & Austin's pup).  She lives with the Cassell family in McAllen, TX.  In an e-mail to me, they wrote:  Aspen has adjusted well.  She is not scared of anything.  She chases everyone (all 3 dogs and the cat).  The Lab and Rottie just look at her like "Oh No, another Bossy Mini".  She is chomping on everyone and everyone seems to know she is a baby and puts up with her.

Aspen and Cat.jpg (39508 bytes)


Aspen9-23-051 ~1.jpg (38851 bytes)

This is Aspen all grown up.  Here is an update from the Cassell family:
Aspen has adjusted well and still plays with the cat.  She loves treats, and tends to get "porky".  When she goes outside she tries to chase and eat the bugs.   She has a great personality.  She is sweet at times, and then turns into the rowdy dog.  Everyone thinks she is beautiful.

Aspen9-23-05 2 (Peaches & Austin pup).jpg (48811 bytes)


Pearl and Company 009.jpg (41327 bytes)

Pearl and Company 010.jpg (49841 bytes)Take a look at the SNOW clumped all over the legs of these dogs - BRRR - makes me cold just looking at it!

From Kathryn George in McCall Idaho:  Hi Melissa,  We bought Pearly Girl (Charlee & Austin, silver pup) from you somewhat over a year ago. She was one year old in February of this year. Just wanted to tell you that she has been the sweetest, most loving dog we have ever had. She has a wonderful temperament and loves everyone who comes in the door. She doesn't bark in the house, leaving that to our older female Tina (salt/pepper). On our walks she does bark at other dogs, but that's no problem as she's always on the leash. We had a chip put in her shoulder, but I don't anticipate her being able to escape from our 1/4 acre yard. We are so pleased with her and we love her so much. The first picture shows Pearl boxing with our Siamese cat, who seems to enjoy the wrestling, too.  The second picture shows Tina and Pearl last winter--we had so much snow that it stuck to their paws and fur and had to be rinsed off several times a day. Pearl, by the way, loves the snow.  Thanks again for our lovely Pearly girl.


Pearl ~1.jpg (66930 bytes)

Introducing Pearl, Peaches and Austin's baby - what a little doll she is!.  Her mom, Kathleen says "As you can see, she is beautifully marked and only 8 lbs and a total mama's girl.  I am thrilled with the way she has turned out.  She is exactly what I was looking for.  Thank you so much for sharing Lone Star Pearl of Texas with us"


To the left is Gunther (Mini) and Dax (Giant).  They live with Lori & Dan Westphall in North Carolina.  They wrote to me "Dax has never played with another dog before...every one else has been too intimidated by him even though he is sweet...but Gunther has won his heart and they are a riot to watch play.  We are so happy with our puppy...he is loving his life and we are loving him!  He had a blast in the snow and is still the star of the bus stop every day.  He has been on quite a few road trips already and is the perfect traveler and the perfect guest once he arrives ..  Even with his high energy, he doesn't tear anything up and the only thing he chews is our fingers, but he doesn't press down very hard - we couldn't be happier!

Gunther & Dax.jpg (45731 bytes)


Daisy 03_05.jpg (29434 bytes)

To the left is Daisy - she is Tex and Gracie's baby and lives with to Jennifer Seat of The Woodlands, TX

To the right is my wonderful, love of my life, grandson, Micah, with Tex and Charlee when they were babies.

Micah with Tex & Charlee.jpg (38589 bytes)


Bella Rose 3.jpg (34951 bytes)

This is Bella Rose, who lives with Tina Terry and Family.   In an e-mail, she wrote to me:  "Bella Turned 6 mos old yesteday.   She is so adorable, and we are so enjoying having her in our home.  Bella thinks she is a big dog.  She romps and plays with Tiger, our Lab/Terrier mix with abandon.  She loves to snorkel in Tiger's big water bowl.  She is such a clown.   Bella is in her third week of puppy manners class.  I must say she is the smartest and fastest learning student.  She is totally bonded to my Dad.  They have breakfast together then go in the backyard to survey the garden and play.  I call her my elder care therapy puppy.  Thank you again for breeding such an amazing little soul.


Azul and Tex.jpg (48156 bytes)

To the left are Azul and Tex at home with the Kothny's of
Kingwood, Texas

To the right is Abby.  Her human mom wrote to me "This is our little Abby at 4 mos. old. She is a real beauty.  She was so easy to housebreak and loves to go on her walks everyday.  She's a real sweetheart.  She loves to snuggle with you, but there are times she wants to stretch out and be alone.   Thought you would enjoy seeing how she looks today.  Thanks for such a wonderful little girl!!!


Maxx cropped 2.jpg (43418 bytes)

This is Max, as a new puppy and a few months later.  He is Peaches and Austin's baby, and he now lives with the Lakey's in Houston.  In an e-mail, they wrote to me "Just wanted you to know how smart Peach's little man, Maxx is.  He adopted very well to his new home and is loved so much by his new parents.  He is the hit of our Townhouse complex!   Thank you for breeding such wonderful companions.

Maxx.jpg (37074 bytes)


Kaiser.jpg (30475 bytes)

This is Kaiser - he is Truly and Lance's pup and lives with the Tierce's in Houston.  Here's what they had to say about him:  We can't believe our boy is getting so big.  He loves playing ball and getting into just about anything.  And, he's still a piglet...always living for mealtime or a treat.  He's super smart too!

Kaiser 2.jpg (32324 bytes)


Clara Belle.JPG (32118 bytes)

Meet Clara Belle - she resides with the Quinlan family in Houston, and they wrote me "Clara Belle is about 6 or 7 months old, and we thought you might like a picture to see how cute she has gotten.   She is one of Sky and Lance's pups, and we love her and everyday she surprises us more and more."

Clara Belle 2.JPG (31384 bytes)


Briarhappyhalloween.jpg (36130 bytes)

Look at this cutie!  Her name is Briar and she lives with the Romain family in Phoenix, Arizona.  Here is what they have to say.  "I read what the other owners said and the common theme that I certainly see in my little one is how smart and sweet your dogs are.  Briar is such a sweetheart and as smart as can be.  The only thing I disagree with is that Briar absolutely hates show.  She only saw about an inch of it once on a visit to Pennsylvania, but she is definitely a 'desert' girl.  She doesn't even mind the heat until it gets over 110.  I'm just so happy and lucky to have her."

Briarreadytoride ~1.jpg (28249 bytes)


Lexie & Sadie 01_02_06 003.jpg (67762 bytes)

Josie and Sable 018.jpg (69030 bytes)

The End

Josie and Sable 077.jpg (76575 bytes)